Environmental Specialist

JOB TYPE: Full Time
OPENING DATE: 2017/09/05
CLOSING DATE: 1970/01/01

JOB TITLE                   Environmental Specialist

COMPANY:                  Circle K Stores Inc.

DEPARTMENT:            Fuels – Environmental Shared Services

FLSA STATUS:            Exempt

REPORTS TO:             North American Director of Environmental Shared Services

LOCATION:                 Raleigh, NC


OPENING DATE:          09/05/2017

CLOSING DATE:          Until Filled



This position receives, identifies, analyzes, tracks, trends, costs, budgets, and coordinates the processing of environmental compliance and release prevention data from internal and external sources. Provides prompt responses to divisional requests and violation notices received from state agencies. Negotiates pricing and delivery of environmental services. Creates reports, distributes to appropriate personnel, and analyzes the overall process with the goal of preventing releases while maintaining budgets, minimizing costs, and limiting company exposure in assigned geographic areas. Ensures that all sites within assigned geographic areas meet and are maintained within regulatory compliance.



                 Proactively analyzes a variety of data from various internal and external sources to track and trend all environmental compliance and release prevention data; ensures the data is processed in full compliance with Performance Standards, State / Federal regulations, and Manufactures specifications / recommendations.

                 Ensures that all violations are processed within 24 hours of receipt to remain compliant with State and Federal regulations and to avoid the addition of increased monetary penalties and or the possibility of delivery prohibition. Coordinates with divisional teams and makes recommendations as to necessary repairs or inspections. Ensures delivery of services and equipment are in compliance with company standards, state and federal regulations, and specific performance standards.

                 Works with divisions to develop and maintain site level and geographic area budgets for operational compliance; works daily to minimize budgetary impacts through ongoing development of technical expertise and regulatory knowledge base. Analyzes the number of releases to cost of remediation to develop solutions to lower the number of releases and related costs.

                 As certified Class B Operator, provides monthly certification to supervisor and regulatory agencies in assigned states that all sites and petroleum systems are monitored / maintained in full regulatory compliance and that store associates have met Class C Operator training requirements. Maintains historical documentation in internal systems.

                 Conducts trend / risk analysis reports to determine areas of opportunity for company management; provides a variety of data and recommendations to assist the management team in developing strategy to lower company exposure by proactively addressing potential risk rather than reacting to events that occur.

                 Monitors other corporate systems (e.g., Fuel Accounting/inventory records, Gasoline Maintenance, and Construction) on a daily basis to identify potential liabilities; collects and analyzes data to ensure that a release has not or will not occur and that documentation and follow-up has occurred and is in full compliance with standards.

                 Ensures that State and Federal regulatory requests/inspections are addressed based on regulations; negotiates fine fees as necessary with regulatory agencies.

                 Develops and maintains positive working relationships with supervisory personnel, co-workers, government representatives and other business professionals; resolves issues or requests using Company policy interpretation or knowledge of Federal and State law; Consults with supervisor about legal questions, obligations, policy interpretations and planned actions.

                 Works with outside vendor to develop materials to provide site-specific Operator C training to Store Associates based on the fueling equipment used at each site. Ensures that C level training meets and is maintained per regulatory parameters and is administered within state specific deadlines.

                 Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.



                 Bachelor’s Degree; or equivalent combination of formal education, training, and experience-based learning.

                 Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system & Microsoft Office applications including Excel.

                 Intermediate math and analytical skills essential. Ability to effectively analyze and evaluate information to make decisions, solve problems and achieve goals.

                 Ability to read, listen, understand and communicate information and ideas in a clear and understandable manner, both orally and in writing.

                 Ability to research and collect essential information from relevant sources and finding ways to verify, organize, classify, evaluate, and document the data.

                 Physical Demands: Work requires frequent sitting, standing, walking and use of keyboard/computer. Work requires occasional bending, reaching and lifting/moving up to 35 pounds. Work is subject to tight deadlines and interruptions can be stressful.

                 Working Conditions: Normal office environment with little to no exposure to adverse working conditions. Work may occasionally include long hours, week-ends, holidays, and travel. Occasional exposure to fuel/ fuel vapors if required to attend site level inspections or training.

                 Certificates & Licenses: Class A & B certification from State/Federal programs preferred. Certification in Automatic Tank Gauge System preferred.


Job duties may change with or without advance notice.




Brent Puzak